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Tips for Construction Teams

We have some great tips on how to protect your power tools

DIY SOS - The Big Build Ireland

Projects for our favourite TV construction show are underway right now.

Specialist Fixing Centre

Is there is such a thing as a high-tech bolt? We find out with Chadwicks highly specialised fixing centre and chat with RTE’s Pete the Builder about the #1 most critic...

Large Scale Construction Tech

There has been a lot of innovation and technology brought into bathrooms over the last two or three years, especially in large scale construction projects.

Power Tools & Work Wear

We take a look at today’s best-selling power tools, what goodies are still to come and answer the No.1 question we’re always asked about tools.

Green Machine

Sustainability is not just good for the planet, it’s good for business too! We keep up-to-speed on the latest regulations and opportunities.

Bressie the Builder

Health & Well Being are increasingly important in the business and we hear from the best on how to protect yourself.

The Apprentice

Chadwicks CEO Patrick Atkinson discusses why we need MORE apprentices and what needs to be done to remove the stigma surrounding apprenticeships.

Pete the Builders Home Office

RTÉ Home Rescue star Peter Finn provides some top tips on what to consider when creating a home office for a customer.

Dave Moores Perfect Pergolas

Today FM’s Dave Moore has taken on an outdoor project, but Aidan and Fred reckon he’s had to call in a professional to help pull off the perfect pergolas.  Fred Cooke...


Get set for trade talk, tips and banter for trade and construction workers across Ireland.

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