Aidan Power and Fred Cooke chat with industry insiders, get great tips on how to improve business and take a peek behind the scenes at Chadwicks. Listen in the van or on-the-job with new episodes every Monday.

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Tips for Construction Teams

We have some great tips on how to protect your power tools

DIY SOS - The Big Build Ireland

Projects for our favourite TV construction show are underway right now.

Specialist Fixing Centre

Is there is such a thing as a high-tech bolt? We find out with Chadwicks highly specialised fixing centre and chat with RTE’s Pete the Builder about the #1 most critic...

Large Scale Construction Tech

There has been a lot of innovation and technology brought into bathrooms over the last two or three years, especially in large scale construction projects.

Power Tools & Work Wear

We take a look at today’s best-selling power tools, what goodies are still to come and answer the No.1 question we’re always asked about tools.

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